New Era Studios


New Era Studios, LLC. opens its door specializing in fine art limited edition prints in Austin.

2001 Q3

NEP signs a troupe of young and prolific artists called ThreeCarPileUp; this acquisition greatly enhances the company’s contemporary art portfolio.

2002 Q3

NEP develops the Advantage line to compete with the fine art poster and penetrate the Hospitality Design market with the first ever affordable and highest quality limited edition collection.

2003 Q2

NEP’s first major hotel project is The Four Season Hotel, Manhattan.

2003 Q3

NEP lands its first major client Ethan Allen.

2004 Q4

NEP expands from its 5,600 square foot building in North Austin to a 40,000 square foot facility in the disadvantaged 78744 zip code of South Austin.

2004 Q4

NEP moves to a vertically integrated model, framing the first of its limited editions.

2006 Q2

NEP acquires its Cruse Scanner.

2006 Q3

NEP officially abandons the 16lb fine art catalog and moves its collection to an e-Com platform enabling instant customization for its entire portfolio.

2007 Q3

NEP launches web-based solutions for blue chip retailers.

2009 Q4

NEP adds 8 million stock photography images to its line.

2009 Q4

NEP’s 1st rigid substrates are brought to the market.


NEP moves away from solvent-based ink to eco-friendly latex and UV-curable inks from HP.

2010 Q4

NEP reports its best financial year in its 10 year history.

2011 Q1

NEP expands to 62,000 square feet; the 5th expansion in 11 years.

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Our Mission, Vision and Values
Our Mission

Fine Art for Everyone- Provide the highest quality artwork, affordable through all our channels, evoking an emotional connection between the artwork and the onlooker, while beautifying the environment.

Our Vision

To dominate the global market with the largest fine art image bank, created by a company of talented, passionate people.

Our Values

Customer Focus- Our success is defined by the quality, value and service we provide.
Positive and Respectful Work Environment- Every co-worker, every artist, every customer, every vendor is to be treated with respect. Demonstrating a positive attitude is the first step.

Accountability- Take responsibility for your actions and consider how your efforts affect your co-workers, our workplace and our customers.

Innovation- The status quo has got to go! Our uniqueness, viability and growth depend on our dynamic model and greener product development.