New Era Studios

Mitch Bader, CEO Mr. Bader is responsible for the Company’s success, ensuring each customer has a five star experience. Mitch’s success has been built on his ability to build strong teams and cohesive strategies. His passion fuels the rapid growth and innovation of New Era Studios. Employee and customer satisfaction, combined with the company’s advancement are Mitch's key measurements for success. Previously, he held executive positions with BancVue, Dell, Coors, PepsiCo, Walt Disney, and Inpulse Response Group..

Nick Nichols, Design Director / Principal with 15 years in art business, Mr. Nichols started as a regional rep for a major publisher before co-founding New Era. The knowledge he’s garnered working with artists, analyzing the trends of style and color, developing and designing New Era Studios’ collection over the last ten years remains one of the company’s greatest assets.

  • Imaging + Prepress- managing the work of our 70+ artists and client generated images
  • e-Com- working on frontend design, internet marketing, web development programming, content management
  • Client Care- overseeing order generation through fulfillment
  • Printing + Curation- creating our fine limited editions and images on various substrates
  • Framing- building each unit, by hand, one-by-one
  • Shipping- handling hundreds of orders each week
  • Administrative- Accounting+ HR