New Era Studios


Precision engineered. Beautifully Made.

The translucent quality of the material creates a visual impact that enhances any surrounding. The natural light entering your room interacts with the material creating depth and texture.

Frameless Acrylic

Sleek, refined and sharp.

Our Stand-offs offer the perfect combination of functionality & design. Each piece is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum with meticulous attention to detail, fit & finish.

Framed Acrylic

This innovative alternative is easy to install and is the perfect option for displaying your acrylic art without drilling into the wall.


More than a fine art source, New Era Studios is the quintessential specialty manufacturer of image-based products. We recreate artwork on any surface, made to your exact specifications. Our team takes great care in handling the strictest parameters and delivering to your project imagery that will standout for years to come.

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