New Era Studios

Classic Paper

Our framed images can be found in top hotels and resorts, restaurant chains and healthcare facilities. We also work with art consultants, television and film production, wholesale showrooms, and fine retailers around the globe.

Framed Paper

We are fervently dedicated to our craft, using state-of-the-art technology and a team of artisan framers to produce world class framed images. Other sources simply do not have the experience or the technological infrastructure to offer fully customizable artwork like New Era Studios.

Limited Edition

New Era Studios was the first art company to offer affordable limited edition prints. We can also create imagery that is unique to the property itself. We’ll work with your design team and our cache artists to create proprietary limited editions, where the quantity of the edition corresponds to number of guest rooms + attic stock.


More than a fine art source, New Era Studios is the quintessential specialty manufacturer of image-based products. We recreate artwork on any surface, made to your exact specifications. Our team takes great care in handling the strictest parameters and delivering to your project imagery that will standout for years to come.

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